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Beware of those bearing False Doctrine...

Beware of those bearing publications and brochures...

Beware of those who put traditions over God's Word...

Beware of those 'all inclusive' churches, who preach your sinful lifestyle is okay, no repentance is required...

All you need is God's Word... a 66 Book Bible.

A 'one scripture wonder' means well, but the entire Bible is God's Word. His Word contains much more than what one or two scriptures can explain. Do yourself a huge favor; read the Bible from beginning to end...

Your eternity depends on it!

Providing a Ministry Service, by informing those who may be unaware of the glorious earthly life and eternal life God's Word can provide.

The sharing of the ministry message is accomplished through the use of numerous, unique URL addresses. Each URL (domain name) selected was unused, and was associated with a name or subject matter, seen in the news.

God's Word

Learn It

Obey It

Be Saved By It

A simple but powerful Ministry Message.

God's Word is His instruction book for a godly life. Today, so many are under the influence of Satan; living a sinful lifestyle. They are unable to break away from their path to spiritual destruction; and most are unaware they are doing wrong.

They are blinded to The Truth, as worldly influences pull them ever deeper to a Hellbound abyss.... as Satan laughs!


Read a Bible, God's Word.

Enter His World and Be Saved.

Ministry Phone: 719-822-1God (719-822-1463)

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